Help Fund Rosary Website Design and Hosting

Website designing and hosting is not a free process. Even if you sign up for services for free such as register domain name free; you will end up paying in the long run some way of another. From registering the name, to paying web hosting fees to designing the website; everything requires money and that bills be paid if you want to continue running your website.

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Once a website goes live, it cannot stay like that forever. Unless the web hosting fees and domain name is not renewed; it will expire. And websites have to be continuously updated. You cannot leave the exact same content on the website for a decade without any changes.

So why should you help Rosary Website and donate to the cause so they can fund their website?

  1. Good deed

The first reason is obviously that funding the website is a good deed. The website is not aiming to make a profit. It only aims to spread a message and information regarding the rosary. Donating to such a selfless cause will make you feel good about yourself.

  1. Encourage small initiatives

Small initiatives usually die out soon due to lack of funding. After people do their domain name registration, they make the website and make it live; they usually struggle to go ahead. They usually do not have funds because they are not generating revenues and all of this ends in their website having to go down. Thus, funding such initiatives will help make similar initiatives sprout up as well and give them hope.

  1. Support people

A lot of work goes into website; more so than we may realize! People who design websites oftentimes do all of the work. From domain name registration to launching the website and making it live. Hence, these people need to be rewarded for their hard work and commitment. No one wants their hard work and talent to be used for free by everyone. Hence people have to be paid for their labor and donating to websites efforts to have its website design funded essentially means that you will be paying a person for their talent.

Donating a little money to help out a website for its web designing and hosting costs is a great idea since to you the money may be a very small amount and thus inconsequential but to the people receiving it; it can make all the difference in the world.