Conservative Radio Host Sources an Article from a Satire Website to Attack Neil Degrasse Tyson

A recent article was published in “clickhole” a website owned by The Onion. The Onion is a website that is known to ridicule and mock people and the social media. The article was about how Neil Degrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist and who is also seen as a pop phenomena as well as cosmos host, publicly embarrassed and humiliated a 9 year old girl for wanting to go and live her life on Jupiter.

Conservative talk show host, Neal Larson attacked Neil Degrasse Tyson for humiliating a 9 year old girl and to defend Tyson’s honor for mocking the little girl for saying that she wanted to move to Jupiter. In regard of this mockery, Neal Larson wrote an op-ed on Tuesday talking back to Neil Degrasse Tyson for his behavior towards a young girl.

It is not surprising at all that a conservative talk show host ends up grilling a scientist, however what made this story go viral was the source on whose basis Neal Larson attacked Neil Degrasse Tyson. Mostly Larson’s attack on Tyson was regarding typical disagreements with his scientific beliefs about evolution. In addition to this Larson sharply criticized Tyson for humiliating a 9 year old girl.

In his criticism, Neal Larson referred to Tyson as a “horse’s astrophysicist.” He also claimed how in one of his worst moments, Tyson humiliated the 9 year old girl for wanting to move to Jupiter. Larson spoke about how Neil Degrasse Tyson mocked the young girl in front of a crowd and then later ridiculed her again several times on Twitter. On the basis of one article published on clickhole, Larson believed he understood Tyson’s character.

After Larson stated all of these things regarding Tyson, Tyson quickly replied back to this criticism and set the facts straight. Tyson commented on Larson’s op-ed and cleared out the wrong judgments made towards him by stating how he never ridiculed a 9-year-old girl for wanting to move to Jupiter and the tweets that Larson stated were fake. Tyson states how this entire story was a hoax and nothing of this sort ever happened.

In his comment on the op-ed post, Tyson replied to Larson by saying how he was greatly misinformed and that the tweets he spoke about did not exist at all. Moreover he embarrasses Larson for believing an article that was posted on clickhole, which is a completely non-reliable website.